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Sole Protectors $16.95
Like to be proactive about your shoe care? Trying to avoid future cost?
Sole protectors are thin a non-slip rubber sheeting that is applied to the sole
of your shoes. Great for wet weather.
Heel Lifts $14.95 - $16.95
Women's heels get a lot of wear because they are so small, especially on high heeled shoes. Luckily this is the most common repair we do. There are two types of heels, Heels with a metal pin and heels without a metal pin. Each type has its own cost listed above.
Just need to spruce up those scuff marks? Is the color fading? A good polish on the uppers and sole edges can make a world of difference.
Clean and Weatherproof $14.95
Has the winter salt damaged your shoes? Did you find yourself in a muddy situation? We offer cleaning services on suede, leather, canvas, etc. To protect against future weahter damage, we will coat your shoes in a weatherproofing spray.
Heel & Toe Taps $4.95
Trying to keep your heel from wearing out? Looking for a cheap way to prevent damage? Heel and toe taps are a harder plastic-like rubber that gets affixed to the edge of yoru heels and/or toes.
Half Soles & Heels $39.95 + Heels $42.95
Have you worn a hole in the sole of your shoe? In most cases only half the sole needs to be replaced. We offer high quality leather and rubber soles, with and without treading. Includes a complimentary shine. Cowboy boots cost extra.*
Full Soles & Heels $52.95
Sometimes, when half soles are not suffiecient enough for severe sole damage , the full leather or rubber sole must be replaced. We offer high quality leather and rubber soles, with and without treading. Includes a complimentary shine.
Rubber Full Soles (Single molded peice) $59.95 + Midsole* $72.95
Many boots, casual shoes, sneakers, and Military issued footwear require a pre-molded, treaded rubber sole. We use high quality Vibram* and Cats Paw*
rubber soles. Some cases may require a mid-sole as well.*
Heel Base Replacement $49.95
Snapping the heel on your shoes can make them unwearable, but there is no reason to throw them out. We can replace cracked or broken heel bases with a style that is very similar if not exactly the same as the existing heel base.
Patches $14.95+
Rips, tears, blowouts and busted seams can be unsightly and can cause further problems. We offer a large array of patching and rebuilding services. Did the side of your shoe blowout? Did your dog chew up your boots? We specialize in hiding unsightly damage and restoring functionality. Each situation is different and must be handle accordingly.*